Elsa Weeks
Past Auxiliary President -

Age 88, died on 13 June 2021, in Wyandotte, OK. Elsie, as she is often
called, was Auxiliary 3150 President from 2008-2010. She was married to
Past All-State Quartermaster Joe Weeks, and was the mother of the late
past Auxiliary President Nancy Weeks, and Auxiliary members Wauleah Ellison and Debra Breesman, and grandmother of Amy Breesman. Elsie was four-
fourths Eastern Shawnee and Wyandotte from Oklahoma and she and Nancy lived on tribal lands for the last several years. Among Elsie’s VFW activities was creating imaginative crafts pieces for residents of the VA Hospital in Washington and some of Post's ornaments for its Post Christmas tree, etc. Interment with Joe in Arlington National Cemetery

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