VFW 3150 Men's Auxiliary

Men's Auxiliary 3150 held its last meeting on 8 December after deciding in November to cease operation as an organization on 31 December. The intent of most members was to join the new VFW Auxiliary. During its eight year history, it was led by Presidents Ernie Deal (2007-09), William "Tennessee" Binkley (2009-11), R,Michael "Red" Lowe (2011-13), Wilbur Rawlings (2013-14), and Brett Hudak (2014-16). The Secretary Treasurers were Binkley, Stephen Utley and Dennis Gerrity. The Men's Auxiliary 3150, chartered on 25 March 2008, provide eight years of valuable service to Post 3150, veterans, and the community. They have greatly supported the Children's Christmas Party over the years, as well as other activities, and were a major factor for years in Sunday Brunches. We would say they would be missed; however as many have already joined the new VFW Auxiliary, we know their service and presence has not ended. Congratulations --- and thanks --- for a good run, brothers! In the photos, top, left to right, at the end of their meeting to symbolically furl their banner are Dan Abbate, Dennis Gerrity, Vincent Kane, Brett Hudak, and Frank Abbate. Above left, second and third from left, Red Lowe and Tennessee Binkley join some of the others.